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NCIS New Orleans Season 3 (TV Series)
When We First Met (Feature Film)
Girl Trip (Feature Film)


Kendall Park an alumni of Beverly Hills HS, graduated college with degrees in both Marketing and Economics. Kendall Park’s mother is the World Renowned Jazz Artist Maxine Weldon.  Having his whole family involved in the Entertainment business, Kendall finally transferred from the world of Financing to now find himself in the fast paced world of Entertainment. Originally coming from ACME Talent & Literary Agency, running their commercial department for five years. He led that division to become the third most successful commercial department in the industry. In December 2000, Kendall left to partner up with another successful Los Angeles “power agent”, to form JLA. Kendall Park, handing both theatrical and commercial, Kendall brings with, amongst his extensive client list, such actors as: Naya Rivera - Glee, Nolan Gould - Modern Family, Karan Brar - Jesse, Sabrina Carpenter - Girl Meets World, Ashley Tisdale - The Suite Life & High School Musical, Taylor Lautner & Sascha Piertese - Shark Boy & Lava Girl, Kaya Pratt - One On One & The Proud Family, Fat Albert the Movie, Madeline Carroll - Scandal, Corrine Massiah –Mistresses, Mckenna Grace – Young & Restless, Robert Ri’card – One and One & Coach Carter, Cousin Skeeter, Kristin Herrera – Zoey 101, Courtney Draper – The Jersey & Bold & Beautiful, Ashley Clark – The Hugley’s, Orlando Brown – That’s So Raven & The Proud Family, Lalaine – Lizzy Maguire, Daniella Monet – Nancy Drew, American Dreams & Listen Up, Morgan Flynn – Strong Medicine, Parker Posey – My Wife & Kids, Percy Daggs, Veronica Mars, Keyndle Rose – CSI Miami, Bobby Edner & Robert Dvito – Spy Kid’s 3, Lauren Storm – Flight 29 Down, Michael Johnson – Mike’s Super Short Show, Timmy Deters & Jeffrey Tedmori – Bad News Bears, Eddie Hassel – Surface, Denzel Whitaker – The Great Debators, All That, CJ Saunders – Ray Charles Movie, Kyle Massey – Corey In The House, Jennifer Hyatt – Ned Declassfied.

Kendall Park was given the Screen Actors Guild Award for Agent of The Year 2011 and currently Kendall has over 210 Commercials running Nationwide.

Actress Madison Wolfe in The Conjuring 2 
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